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Capital Bound

Going away again this weekend… this time it’s to Ottawa!

This is probably the show that I look forward to the most, and this might sound crazy, but it is because of the 5.5 hour drive I get to take with my sister… This will be our third year taking this trip (wow does time fly by or what??).

I usually don’t like spending that much time in a car, but the fun we have honestly makes it feel like an hour.

I did come to the sad realization last night that I don’t have any pictures of this road trip from the last two years, so my goal this time will be to pretty much not let the camera leave my hand!

Unfortunately I will not even be in the vicinity of a computer, so I can’t update you on-the-go, but I have every intent to post the pics on Monday… {and trust me you are going to want to see these, if you knew what me and my sister are like when we are together, you would know the pics are going to be nothing short of hilarious!}

So we depart in T-minus 6 hours, and are looking at an arrival time in Ottawa around 11:00pm.

Have you ever taken a long road trip with a family member? Did you love it, or hate it?

{photo by maplerose}

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