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Thanksgiving Week: A Simple Fall Table Setting

It’s October 1st. I feel as though as soon as October hits I can officially say it is Fall. One thing I love in particular about Fall is Thanksgiving. My entire family gathers at my aunts house – we talk about our summers, our travels, our jobs, and catch every one up on our quick moving lives. And then there is the food… ohhh the food! Everything from veggies & dip to a fully dressed turkey stuffed to the brim with my Grandma’s famous stuffing.

But there is one thing that ties all the Thanksgiving festivities together – the kitchen table.

Who doesn’t love a simple Fall table setting? Filled with leaves, pinecones, birch bark, apples and other natural elements; this table setting sets the mood perfectly for a Thanksgiving feast.

Of course I couldn’t let you dress this table alone… You can click here to download my Fall Themed Labels  perfect for gift boxes, place holders, drink tags, you name it.

What do you enjoy most about October?

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