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Panic at the Home Depot

So I may have hinted last winter that my upstairs bedroom is pretty damn cold when I mentioned I wanted to buy this

Both the house inspector and my dad highly suggested that before this winter comes I should put more insulation in my attic… especially with my new furnace going in next week… {yes I caved and bought a new one – I am honestly afraid this will happen again}…

I get a panic phone call today from my dad {who pretty much lives inside Home Depot, true story}…

Dad: You still need insulation? {I love how he asks, he obviously knows I do since he would be the only one to put it in}

Me: Umm… yes… I guess… that what the inspector told me to do… and you.

Dad: Ok… ok, ok…. well it’s on sale today at Home Depot, I’m at Home Depot, it says 15% off… so you need {insert numbers here… after he started doing math I stopped listening}… that should be enough right?

Me: Huh?… Um yup should be…

Dad: Ok… ok well I need to buy it today because if I do then I get the blowing machine rental for free… so you are saving another $50, so that’s 15% off and saving $50… So I’m going to get it for you ok?

Me: Ok

At that point all I heard was “Saving $50 and another 15%”… Not sure what I was agreeing to until…

Dad: Ok so I will bring the 10 bags over tonight and the total will be about $300… You have 6 months to pay me back… see you in a bit… bye… *click*

He was so excited about this sale I would’t have thought it would have cost me $300!!

Good Grief!

Well at least I’m saving $50 on the blower rental…

Off now to haul 10 bags of insulation into my basement… which will probably sit there for an entire year like my dishwasher {oh yes, that another story!}

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