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Two Things I Learned From Last Night’s Sump Pump Crisis

Last night our sump pump stopped working. Scary, I know. Luckily “J” noticed before the basement started to flood. After panicked call to my dad & a quick trip to Canadian Tire, we had it fixed within a mater of hours. But there are two important things I learned while tackling the sump pump crisis…

1 // What a sump pump is and why it is so important. I have never lived in a house that had a sump pump so I had no clue why “J” was so concerned when he told me it was broken. So it keeps our basement from flooding? Ok, it’s pretty important then!

2 // Home Depot closes at 6:00pm on a Sunday… so does Rona… and same with Lowes. Luckily trusty Canadian Tire was open until 9:00pm.

Have you ever had an important piece of equipment in your home stop working?

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