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Moving in 5…

…and I have pretty much done nothing! Alright that is not true, but it feels like I still have so much stuff to do, likely because I haven’t started packing. Yes that is right, I like to save it for the very last minute, I like to feel the panic and the stress… it makes me more efficient.

I am likely also dragging my feet on this because this will be my 3rd time moving this year… yes that is correct 3rd time! The first time was in February into the condo (with ex), and then out of ex’s condo into my apartment in September, and now.

Things that I need to get done this by Sunday:

  • Meet with Laywer to finalize and give the down payment/closing costs
  • Confirm that I will infact have hydro… I sent in my application on Monday… have not heard back
  • Final walk-through
  • Finalize my paint colours so that I can start painting on Monday or Tuesday night
  • Change address on everything! Blech! I don’t even know where to start on this one… driver’s licence I guess…
  • Buy a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer (I will be boxing day hunting for these babies, hopefully I can get a pretty sweet deal!)
  • Pack up everything (you know I guess that should be at the top of my list… hmmm!? priorities much!?)

I have already:

  • Got the certified cheque from the bank
  • Hooked up Gas
  • Hooked up Rogers (cus lord knows I cannot be without the internet!)
  • Signed papers upon papers at the mortgage brokers office
  • Bought painting supplies
  • Booked U-Haul for the 28th and bribed my sisters to help me move… again! (let me tell you they are not impressed)
  • Got out of my apartment lease… which I still had 10 months on btw! (my landlady loves me!)
  • Scouted the sink/vanity that I need to replace the one in the powder room… (so says the house inspector)

I don’t know if this is all… I think that I am missing alot…

Ahhh, head spinning… chest getting tight… I need a drink!

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