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My Top 7: Denver Edition

1. Hotel Teatro is amazing! If I can recommend a hotel in Denver, this is it! The staff were more than accommodating when I had to print off 1500 copies of a full colour, front and back document… they were even more accommodating when I asked the hotel car to take me to three different stores to try to find a crockpot… and above all – a great experience. And if you need to be at the convention center, it is a few blocks away. Love the big blue bear!

2. Dinner at Sushi Sasa. If you love sushi then this is the best place in town (so I was told!). There were lots of unique items on the menu to try… and I tried everything! Below we have Mushroom Tempura + Yellowtail & Salmon New Style Sashimi + Hiramasa & Bincho Jalapeño Sashimi + Green Tea Ice Cream… So Good!

3. I must say, people in Denver are sooo incredibly friendly. It has to be the friendliest city I have visited yet.

4. Seeing chef Sam Kass speak at ANC12… He spoke about the new White House garden, how important healthy meals are in schools, and his experience as a judge on Chopped. Not only that, but at one point he literally brought the entire audience to tears!

5. Dinner at Euclid Hall. First of all the decor in this restaurant is amazing. Second of all the food in this restaurant is absolutely mind blowing. Lastly, they have poutine on their menu!! (If you are a Canadian reader then you will know how rare this is to see in the US. If you are an American reader, then you likely have never had a poutine). Our group just ordered a whole bunch of food and we sampled a bit of everything… below we have Pad Thai Pig Ears + Rare Duck Breast Chips & Dip + Chicken & Waffles + S’more Pot de Creme…

6. Doing the “tourist thing” for one day. I was lucky enough to have 1/2 the day off on Sunday, so I headed to Coors Field with a colleague of mine to take in a baseball game. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I am a fan of hot dogs loaded with everything…

7. A bittersweet end to my trip was when I arrived back at my car at the airport, at midnight, to find the battery completely dead. I’m going to admit, I did cry. It’s a little scary standing around in a deserted parking garage at midnight. Thank goodness for a very helpful Air Canada employee who found me crying and offered to help. I was in such a tizzy that I didn’t even get his name, so thank you Air Canada employee parked in Viscount Parking Garage on Level 4!

Well, I am glad to be back home, but I am swamped this week! Traveling for business and then taking 3 days off is never a good idea… How has your week been?

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