Guest Post: Summer Travel to Nicaragua by The Sweetest Digs

Hey guys! Gemma here, from The Sweetest Digs. Thanks to Brittany for inviting me to guest post today!

Since the theme today’s post is travel, I thought I would share a few photos from my recent trip to Nicaragua. I just got back from a 10 day trip there with two of my best gal pals, and had just the best time. Nicaragua is a beautiful Central American country with lovely people, fabulous food, and great landscapes. We hiked some volcanoes, did some zip-lining, surfed, swam, beached, practiced yoga, and just explored. Oh, and I got a chance to practice my Spanish. Hola!!

Here I am at one of Nicaragua’s volcanoes. Don’t mind the helmet hair.

While we were there I was totally smitten with the bright colours all around – on houses, on buildings, on doors, in windows, all over. I have noticed this in other countries I have travelled to, and I’m always reminded of how beige (and boring!) our houses here in North America can be.

See what I mean? I sort of have a secret itch now to paint my house tangerine tango, fuchsia, or a gorgeous aqua. Not sure if I would be invited back to any of the neighbourhood pot-lucks though… Either way, I’m feeling inspired to inject a bit more colour into my pad.

What about you? Even just a bright throw pillow or painting a piece of furniture can liven up a room. Have fun with it!

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