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Flashback Friday: San Diego

Wow! How Debbie Downer am I?? The last two Flashback have been about me losing some one… not intentional! lol!

This one is a bit more fun!

Since I am getting ready for my big trip (which I have recently extended to 10 days from 4.. woot!), it got me thinking about the very first trip I ever took on an airplane… San Diego!

It was in February 2007. My boss informed me that I would be accompanying him to our National Conference… I couldn’t say no… I mean who doesn’t like free travel for work right? {And I only ended up working for 3 out of the 7 days I was there!}

He was also kind enough to allow my BF at the time to come with us, all he had to pay for was his own airfare {good deal, no?}.

We actually did a lot in the 4 days that I was off… stuff that would normally take you like a week to see…

  • Spent a day at SeaWorld hanging out with Shamu and the dolphins.
  • Spent an entire day walking around the San Diego Zoo… that place is amazing I must say!! I would go back in a heartbeat… it’s definitely a place that I would like to take my nephew {or my kids, when I eventually have them… it’s on the list! lol}
  • Spent a day checking out all the museums in Balboa park, including: The Museum of Man, Museum of Natural History, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. The later part of the day was spent walking around enjoying the gorgeous architecture.
  • Spent a day walking around the city; shopping and generally taking it easy.
  • Met up with a local friend, and spent a night out on the town, which is the only “fuzzy” memory I have of the whole trip 😉

It also happened to be a week of “freak weather” as the locals called it. It rained a good 2 or 3 days, and was pretty cool… about 13°C (55°F)… I didn’t think it was that cold, but then again we had just flown in from a place that was likely -13°C (8°F) with the windchill!!

I think that I ended up taking over 300 pictures while there {I know, but I love taking pictures, all my friends have stopped bringing their cameras when we go places because they know that I alway have mine!}

Here are some of the Best of the Best

It is definitely a place that I would love to go back to, no questions asked!

Our next International Conference is in February… and it is in New Orleans!! So hopefully {hopefully} I will get to go!

Where did you take your first plane too? Business, pleasure, or both? Did you have a good time?

Do you have a flashback you would like to share? Blog about it, then come back here and link up!

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