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A Little Introduction To This Week’s Guests

Business travel. It happens to the best of us. For me, this year has been full of travel. I have been to Chicago, San Francisco + San Jose, Yale University in Connecticut, and finally, San Antonio + Vancouver.

This time I am off to Denver for 5 days, and then following that up with 4 days of camping. What a week it’s going to be!

So rather than having my blog sit quietly, waiting for my return, 4 extremely talented bloggers volunteered to help me out with a Guest Post Series. I am pretty excited about this, as it’s my very first Guest Post series… so without further ado, here are the wonderful ladies you will be reading about this coming week:

You don’t want to miss this week’s guest posts, so make sure you are all signed up to receive updates via RSS or via email (in the right sidebar).

Happy Monday! Let the week begin!

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