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My Weekend According to My iPhone

1. I had a crazy burger craving on Friday, which prompted these turkey burgers!
2. And of course, dessert!

3. I want to restore this old house in Wiarton! Random? Yes.
4. As soon I catch a glimpse of the lake, I relax.

5. Played with this dog most of the afternoon.
6. Chilled with my nephew in the sun.

7. Walked to the Oliphant marina.
8. This kid loooved his boat ride!

9. Sunday morning… when I see this sky it’s time to head home.
10. I love this old factory in Elmwood…

11. “J” requested we go to Aberfoyle on Sunday when I got home. That trip resulted in this purchase. I’m in love!
12. BBQ Chicken Naan Bread Pizza for dinner!

How was your weekend?

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