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My Top 7: Food & Wine Show Edition

1. I tried ice wine for the very first time! I believe it was called Nuri… It was very sweet. I would buy it, if it wasn’t sooo expensive!

2. Getaway Restaurant’s old fashion bread pudding. OMG, no word of a lie, the best bread pudding you will ever have in your life! I had 4 pieces… now I wait an entire year to eat it again…

3. Two Words: Cider Wine.

4. Our booth was right across from the Raja Indian Cuisine booth… I ate a plate of butter chicken every night for dinner.

5. I gave a cooking demonstration on stage. I was lucky enough to have a full audience of about 80 this year… I made mushroom pate & attempted to be entertaining, all while trying my hardest to keep the mic from falling off my pea head…  Here’s me cooking….

6. I had a nice long chat with Ted Reader of World’s Best BBQ who was also there to give a cooking demonstration. He was funny, knowledgeable, and had a potty mouth, like most chef’s do…

7. Standing in a hot booth cooking for 25 hours is… “fun.” The first 5 hours are always the easiest… but by hour 24 you… there’s no telling what type of mood you will be in. The good news? We have mastered our tear-down technique, and can have our entire booth packed up and removed in 20 minutes. Impressed? You should be!

Happy Monday loves! What did you get up to this past weekend?

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