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Weekend Project: Refinishing a Kitchen Step Stool with CIL

I very vividly remember my grandma having a step stool in her kitchen. It was a retro mint green with rubber grips on every step. Every once and a while she would use it. Mostly to retrieve items she stowed away in the top cupboard, which were usually only needed when my large family was visiting. For some reason this memory always stuck with me, and for years I thought having a step stool in the kitchen was a “grandma” thing.


Then something strange happened. Earlier this year I decided it was time for me to get a step stool in the kitchen (yup, I’m admitting it!)! Sure pulling over a chair from the dining room was easy, and standing directly on my countertop offered the best view into the cupboard above the stove, but in all reality, a step stool was desperately needed.


So on a recent trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market I made note to keep an eye out for some type of step stool. I walked the whole market (purchasing too many things to carry comfortably), but it wasn’t until I reached the second last booth from the exit did I find what I was looking for. An ugly, yet study and functional, step stool.


Now, when I take on any type of furniture refinishing project there is one thing you should know about me… I am lazy. And while I appreciate the beauty of a finished piece, I am not one who whips out the paint stripper, chisels, heat guns and sandpaper. So when I heard about CIL’s new furniture and cabinet paint I instantly knew it was the product for me! Not only is it a paint & primer (two birds, one stone… hooray!), it dries smooth!! I’m talking no roller marks and no brush marks! Melamine smooooooth! And because metallics are all the rage right now (especially gold), I thought CIL’s new Disney Magnificent Metallic paint would make this step stool a little more trendy!


After a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and a little light sanding, on went two coats of furniture and cabinet paint in Winterwash, followed by two coats of Disney metallic in gold. Simple, easy, my kind of furniture refinishing project! And if you ask me, this ain’t your grandmother’s step stool! After a fresh coat of paint and a little gold accenting this stool is as good as new… making reaching those pesky top-shelf items a little easier and stylish!


CIL Paint’s Ask-The-Experts

Do you have a project on hold because you are having a hard time finding the right paint? Do you become overwhelmed when facing the paint chip wall at your local hardware store? Don’t you fret, the experts are here to help! Earlier this year CIL launched their new “Ask-The-Experts” service which includes free advice from a CIL decor and colour specialist, technician and/or painter! And the best part, you can ask for their help from the comfort of you own home. Simply visit CIL.ca/Advice to ask your question.

No more hemming and hawing, finish that painting project today!

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