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How to make an awesome gift with items you find at an antique market

I would have loved nothing more than to grab my dad a gift card for his birthday… I mean, what the hell do you get a guy who has everything?

This year a gift card just seemed unacceptable.

The main goal of our trip to the Aberfolye Antique Market on Sunday was to find some old fire fighter memorabilia… Like some crests, helmets, or fire extinguishers… Can you believe that we found almost nothing? Nothing!?

We did come across a fire extinguisher and a helmet, but they just didn’t look old enough {they were likely from the 60’s or 70’s}… and a fire hydrant, which would have been super cool, if it wasn’t for the $195 price tag!

I was also there doing double-duty for myself… I have been looking for an old window frame to hang in my office on one of the bare walls… Of course, as soon as I found one acceptable for my project, Amanda and Nikki deemed it a good present for my dad… Luckily I was able to find another frame, so my project will prevail!

Window-Photo-Frame Window-Photo-Frame3 Window-Photo-Frame2 Window-Photo-Frame4

Once we tetris’d everything into my car… which was not easy with three adults, a tiny human in a car seat, two very large, fragile window frames, and a stroller… we were on our way!

Using some picture hanging kits we bought at Dollarama, we strung wire across each pane… clothes pins would hold the photos in place…

Needless to say he loved it… needless to say we loved it… there was love all around!

Project Cost:
Frame: $18
Picture Hanging Kits: $3
Mini Clothes Pins: $2.50
Printed Photos: $0 {free promotion at Wal-mart}

Total Spent: $ 23.50
Value: Priceless

Do you have a hard time buying gifts for your parents? What do you usually get them?

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