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How to Ring in the New Year Stressed and Broke

Boy am I glad that I was able to make it to 2011… for a little while there it was questionable!

The past week of “holidays” seemed nothing like holidays should… in fact, I feel like I need a holiday from my holiday… and as sick as it might be, I was actually happy to go back to work today… ummm ya, happy!

I’m not going to lie, the past week was ROUGH… yes, so rough that I feel the need to shout it in all caps!

You see this was not like any other holiday season… Not only did I have to attend 3 {very large and oohhh so filling} Christmas dinners, I had to put the finishing touches on sister #1‘s Stag & Doe… and by finishing touches I mean do all the last minute shopping, wrap all the door prizes, make the fabric panels, buy all the food for the dinner, prepare said dinner, decorate the hall, aaannd execute!

I honestly amaze myself sometimes… I cannot believe that I was able to pull together this entire event with just the help of my two sisters!

There were times when they would call me and I would fantasize about beating them mercifullessly with my cell phone… There were times when we were driving and I could visualize myself opening the passenger side door and kicking them out of my moving vehicle… There were times when I wanted to stick their heads in the boiling pot of water that was used to make the 2 dozen deviled eggs that made my house stink…


we made it through… and not to brag, but we threw one hell of a party!! {stroke off #10}

I hope that you all had a happy and safe new year. What were your highlights?

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