Sweet Thai Chili Glazed Salmon over Asian Island Crunch Salad + Tutorial

How to Eat Dinner on a Friday Night Like a Single Person Tutorial & Recipe


  1. Get home from a long day at work, tired and irritable… realize that you shouldn’t have stayed up until 11:30pm with your roommate drinking Shango’s…
  2. Look up in the sky to see that it hasn’t started to thunderstorm yet, even though the weatherman has been saying that it will all day… Decide you should go for a run…
  3. Run a quick 5km…. Arrive back home sweaty… contemplate taking a shower… decide against a shower as you are single and have no one currently at home to impress…
  4. Look in your fridge and realize you have water, 1 sweet potato and a million condiments… although you are single, this is not an acceptable meal for a Friday night…
  5. Drive to the grocery store… buy two things… Salmon and Salad…
  6. Prepare Salmon and Salad as per instructions below… Take a million pictures…
  7. Eat in front of computer while blogging about your sad, single Friday night dinner… lol


Sweet Thai Chili Glazed Salmon over Asian Island Crunch Salad

1 bag of Dole Asian Island Crunch Salad
1 Salmon fillet
1 tbsp VH Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

1. Place salmon in a baking dish. Evenly spread about 1 tbsp of VH Sweet Thai Chili Sauce overtop. Bake in 375C oven for 20 minutes until reached desired doneness.
2. Prepare salad as per instructions on the bag… it’s not hard… it’s friggin salad!
3. Eat it… Doesn’t matter where… just get it in you! Sooooo good!

It’s Friday baby!! What are you having for dinner?

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