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A little bit country…


I consider myself a little bit country. Sure I now live in the “big city,” but once upon a time I lived in a very small town.

You know you’re a little bit country when….

  • a quarter of your classmate were driven to school in a horse-and-buggy
  • you know what a horse a buggy is…
  • you went to school with the same 30 kids all the way from kindergarten to grade 8
  • you couldn’t leave the windows open in your classrooms in May & June because the smell of manure would blow in from the fields {this was the case at both my elementary school & high school}
  • you pretty much sneeze and the whole town knows about it
  • you’ve partied in a bush… not even the cops could find you
  • all your high school friends married each other and still live in town
  • you would never miss your hometown’s festival

Mind you, I have never owned my own horse, done field work and I don’t know how to lasso anything {I’m not that country!}…. but I have fed cows, chopped & piled wood, and driven a tractor…

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Where did you grow up? City or country? What did you like about it?

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