Pinterest + Proper Credit = A Happy Good Time


Pinterest. If you have not heard of this amazing website you have been living in a box.

I got my invite to start contributing to Pinterest a week ago today…. I instantly became hooked!

I mean, what is better than a community that shares thousands of inspiring images? I have literally spent hours sifting through all the beautiful pictures… Everything from stunning interiors and spectacular fashion, to delicious food and dreamy destinations…. I want to “like” some of them… I want to “Re-Pin” a lot of them… but there is out very outstanding problem with most of it…

I cannot find the original source.

To many times I have gone to “Re-Pin” a gorgeous photo, only to glance up in the top right hand corner and spot that little word that makes my heart sink… “from google.com.”

I am then sent on a manic internet search to find where the original photo came from… most of the time I am unsuccessful… me + hours of searching = not impressed!

What happens after that? I usually forget about it…. buh-bye “Like”…. buh-bye “Re-Pin.”

I think that it has become too easy to reblog something you have seen. It’s equally as easy to then “Pin” that image after someone has reblogged it, but that doesn’t credit the original source, it credits the reblogger…. you + not your content = not good!

I truly believe in giving credit where credit is due. I don’t know a single artist, foodie or photographer who would like having their images used without being properly credited.

How can we all fix this problem?
If you like an image on a blog you should make sure the image is owned by the blog author, if it…

  1. IS…. Pin away! Using the Pin It bookmarklet makes it easy as it links directly to the page the image is hosted on.
  2. IS NOT…. take the time to check for the original source. It may be time consuming at first, but it benefits everyone in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be the all-high-and-mighty Pinterest police… I’m just trying to create a happy good time for everyone!

What do you think? Have you run into this issue? Does this type of thing bother you, or not so much?

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