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Sometimes I cook on TV…

This is me, right before my LIVE cooking segment on Rogers TV on Friday morning…

I’m sure you can’t tell, but I was sweaty, red and sooo nervous! I couldn’t even form a sentence that made sense… in any language!

In the end I was able to pull it together, and delivered a decent 12 minute cooking segment, hitting all my key points and messages!

I even did so well that the creepy man-host took a minute out of his schedule to tell me I was beautiful and look great on camera *wink*…. umm, thanks but no thanks!

Then on Sunday I did a cooking demo on the Food Network Cooking stage at the London Wine & Food Show… I know that, that in itself is alway exciting, but… I got to cook right before Chef Corbin Tomaszeski from Dinner Party Wars…

{Blech! iPhone photo}

His people were impressed enough with my demo to tell me I should do some type of collaboration with Corbin, and that he would like to use some of my mushrooms in his cooking segment…

Score, score!

It’s big stuff when you can get a celeb to use your product… It’s even bigger stuff when food network people say you did a great job!

The weekend was exhausting beyond all belief {seriously nobody likes standing over a frying pan for 25 hours in one weekend} but I had a great time…. Even though to wake up today at 5:00am to drive to Toronto at the astonishing pace of 20km/hour

I was an hour late for my meeting…

How was your weekend? Anything fun, interesting, or boring you wanna share?

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