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Thanksgiving Weekend According to my iPhone


1 // The weather was unbelievable! I can’t remember the last time my family was able to enjoy Thanksgiving outside… in a t-shirt!


2 // We have been slowly increasing Maddy’s activity time (since she had her nail removed)… she loved being able to play catch at the park again!


3 // Colourful crunchy leaves are starting to blanket the ground… everywhere!


4 // The Thanksgiving welcome committee!


5 // I didn’t go all out with my Fall decor this year… I bought a bag of small pumpkins and strategically placed them around the house.


6 // Made some seriously classy and easy napkin rings… every fancy party should have them!


7 // Chai tea + pumpkin pie… nuff said!


8 // Turkey time!!


9 // My sister and I were able to take the kids to Snyder’s Family Farm to continue our yearly tradition! #SixYearsStrong

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving long weekend?

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