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Cocktails & Mocktails for Summer Entertaining

There is nothing like the long awaited first day of summer (Saturday can’t come quick enough!). Enjoying the warm sun with a drink in hand is one of my favourite ways to welcome summer. With our patio installation almost finished, I am looking forward to inviting a few close friends over for a BBQ and perhaps some homemade cocktails!

Summer Cocktails and Mocktail Recipes

That’s right, skip the beer, cider and canned bevies; making your own classic summer cocktails is easy. Totally customizable, you control the sweetness, fizziness, and alcohol level. So whether you go heavy on the rum or like to keep it light with a splash of tequila, homemade cocktails are what summer is all about!

Ontario Local Strawberry and Mint Mojito with SodaStream Ontario Local Strawberry and Mint Mojito with SodaStream

Local Strawberry + Mint Mojito

As you know I have a thing for mojitos. There is nothing like refreshing mint paired with tangy limes and sweet local berries. Strawberry season is currently upon us, so super-ripe Ontario strawberries made their way into this cocktail!

Makes: 1 mojito

1 shot of Bacardi Rum, per drink (optional)
Lots of mint leaves
2-3 fresh strawberries, cut into cubes
A squeeze of fresh lime
1 tbsp sugar
Ice cubes
SodaStream sparkling water

Mix & mash everything in a glass at levels that suit your taste – that’s right, add the rum, mint, strawberries, lime and sugar. If you have a muddler, muddle until everything is incorporated. Carbonate your water using a SodaStream. Add ice to the glass and pour sparkling water over. Give a quick stir and enjoy!

Tequila Ruby Red Grapefruit Paloma with SodaStream Tequila Ruby Red Grapefruit Paloma with SodaStream

Ruby Red Grapefruit Paloma

This refreshing cocktail sure packs a nice kick. The tart grapefruit is taken up a notch with the addition of smooth tequila. Don’t forget the salted rim, it really helps to elevate the drink!

Makes: 1 paloma

Sea salt for rim (or you could use sugar if you prefer sweetness)
1 shot of tequila, per drink (optional)
Squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice
1 tbsp sugar
Ice cubes
Diet Pink Grapefruit by SodaStream

Rim glass with sea salt. Slice grapefruit and place one whole slice in the bottom of a glass. Squeeze 1/4 of grapefruit juice into glass with 1 tbsp of sugar. Carbonate your water using a SodaStream. Mix in Diet Pink Grapefruit syrup. Add ice to the glass and pour sparkling grapefruit water over. Give a quick stir and enjoy!

Rootbeer Float with Vanilla Ice Cream with SodaStream Rootbeer Float with Vanilla Ice Cream with SodaStream

Rootbeer & Bailey’s Ice Cream Float

This cool summer cocktail is as much fun for adults as the non-alcoholic version is for kids! Real vanilla been ice cream brings a new layer of texture and flavour to classic rootbeer. A shot of Bailey’s poured over the ice cream takes everything up a notch.

Makes: 1 rootbeer float

Rootbeer by SodaStream
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (check for the “Real Dairy” logo)
1 shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream (optional)

Carbonate your water using a SodaStream. Mix in Rootbeer syrup. Poor into large glass. Add one large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour shot of Bailey’s overtop. Enjoy with a colourful straw! Trust me, it makes it fun!

What are your plans for the first day of Summer? I’ll be heading over to a friends house for a big birthday bash surprise, where we will likely be enjoying a cocktail or two! Celebrate wisely my friends! Enjoy!

Disclosure: I was provided with a SodaStream corporate sample in order to create the cocktails for this feature, and in all honesty I love the damn thing! I’ve been using it almost everyday to make mock-mojitos with my lunch.

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  • Reply EJ @ Not A House, But A Home June 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    These look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did such a great job on the styling, Britt!
    p.s. I miss alcohol :'-(

  • Reply Britt June 19, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    Thanks EJ!! I was really happy with how the shots turned out! I don't blame you for missing alcohol… it's pretty awesome… not to rub it in 😉

  • Reply Nancy June 19, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Whoa!! These pictures are absolutely phenomenal! I really really love them! Nicely done Brittany!

  • Reply Britt June 20, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Thank you so much Nancy! I am totally in love with them too! The drinks were also pretty good as well 😉

  • Reply dani@lifeovereasy June 20, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Those all look amazing! I have a Sodastream myself and I'll be firing it up this weekend to give some of those a try! And I have LOTS of mint in my backyard, so there will be quite a few mojitos happening around here 🙂

  • Reply Amy @ June 23, 2014 at 3:08 am

    This looks amazing! I love your styling and photos. I'm all about the summer cocktails, I'll definitely have to try that mint mojito!

  • Reply Amy @ June 23, 2014 at 3:13 am

    It was great to see you! I love your tea towels, they are too pretty I almost don't want to use them. They're currently hanging in my kitchen as well…convinced my Mom to give me one since she cleaned out! 🙂

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