And with the flutter of my eyelashes, you were mine

False eyelashes. Some people love them. Some people hate them. I am currently on the fence about them.

I have only worn false eyelashes twice. The first was for my birthday party. This ended badly. Trust me. You never want to hear a guy say to you “umm…. your eyelashes are… coming off…”

The second time was for sister #1’s stag and doe. I made sure they were glued on real good. They were fine. They didn’t bother me… but I am almost positive that I was a bother to my entire family who I kept asking “are my eyelashes still on…?”

Regardless of how much I annoyed her that night, sister #1 has made up her mind – she would like all the bridesmaids to a) do their own make-up, and b) wear false eyelashes.

One of my favourite celebs often wears false eyelashes, Kim Kardashian… So of course, that is where I look for inspiration…

Kim’s are definitely to the extreme… but I don’t seem to mind if someone knows I am wearing fakes… to me it’s just like using mascara to accentuate the eye…

Here are some other’s that I think look nice…

{via 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6}

So what do you think? Have you worn them? Like them? Have a funny story?

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