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You may recall {aaaallll the way back in April} me gushing about the fact that my main bathroom was finished

Well, I must confess… that was a lie…

You see, for the past 7 month I have been living with this…
Ya! That hideous light, sticking out the wall, just hangin there by the electrical cable!

It was ugly, mostly useless, and just plain annoying to look at for almost 7 months…

Yes, you did hear me correctly, I said “was.”

Up until two weeks ago, I couldn’t find “the perfect” light… and by “perfect” I mean something that not only looked good, but was under $40 {we all know how cheap I am, right?}…

So, I saw this gorgeous light fixture at Canadian Tire, and instantly knew it was “the one”… and guess what? It was on sale for $35.99! Score!

Enter my beautiful new light fixture…
Installed, of course, by PD 😉

See, waiting 7 months did pay off…

Have you ever waited & waited to buy something? What was the longest you waited?

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