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Whatever you do… don’t look in the trunk!

What happens when you set 4 ladies free at the Grove City Shopping Outlet in Pennsylvania?

I would classify this as a successful shopping trip!

I have to say, I have come back with a clear head, not to mention a cleared wallet! I spent every last dime that I had alloted myself… BUT you will be happy to know that over 70% of it was spent on Christmas presents for Jax, Brandon, and Kye.

My major score at the Nike Outlet… Remember my desire to find running pants that were not crotch eaters? Well, I found the perfect pair of Nike Dri-Fit running pants for $9.06! They were on sale because they say “Chicago Marathon 10.10.10” on the leg… No problem for me, so I bought 2 pairs! Highlight of the trip! lol

Crossing the border to get back home was another story…

How is it that the border officials always, always make you feel like you are doing something wrong when you try to cross to get back home?

She pretty much took one look at me and all I wanted to scream was “OMG don’t look in trunk!!!!

We were all within our $400 limit… In fact I was only 1/4 into my limit, so it’s not like I had anything to worry about, but still, they make you want to confess all your life sins…

Thus, I have come to the conclusion that I could never be a drug runner! Hell, I have a guilty look on my face when I bring liquor back into Canada!

Anyway, I am glad to be back and I am totally looking forward to the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-Up tonight! I finally decided what I am going to wear… no peeks though, you’ll have to wait to see 🙂

When was your last major shopping trip? Did you splurge, splurge, splurge, or did you manage to stick to a budget?

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