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Pumkpin Muffins & Free Autumn Cupcake Toppers


October… the month of falling leaves, giving thanks, and pumpkins. The month of family & friends, dressing up, and saying “Trick or Treat.” The month of sweaters, scarves, and potential by the 30th, warm mittens. Hello October, it’s nice to see you again.

You know, I actually don’t mind the Fall. There are too many good things that come along with it to dislike it completely. Two of my favourite things are Pumpkin Thanksgiving, and with Amanda’s help I have combined my love of both into this post.

You see, when I arrived at Amanda’s house last Thursday, and saw these gorgeous Pumpkin Muffins sitting on the counter, I knew that they would be perfect for my Thanksgiving inspired toppers & wrappers… {because who doesn’t love a muffin that is all fancied up?}

And because I like to share, you can download these Free Printable Thanksgiving Toppers for yourself here…


Download {25mb}

Technically you could use these for Halloween, but why would you when I also have Free Printable Halloween Toppers here?

And, if you are looking for the recipe for those delicious looking muffins, you can find it on Amanda’s Blog.

What do you enjoy most about October?

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