Facelift Needed – Quick, Easy & Cheap

Of course I am not talking about my face… although if I were going to have a facelift I would also want it to be quick, easy and cheap!

I am referring to my dungeon-like basement…

Ya, that beast!

Here’s the thing… in approximately 1 month I am throwing myself {and my bestie friend} a fabulous 25th birthday party!

So in order to accommodate all our friends I need to magically increase the square footage of my house… the only plausible way to do this of course is to make the basement into something more acceptable to the human race {because we know that the mold species certainly enjoy it, lol}.

So here is what I am thinking… stop me if you have any good ideas 😉

  • sand down the rough spots on the floor, prime and paint a neutral colour
  • patch up that huge hole in the ceiling {cira Dec 2009} either with a new sheet of that hideous white paneling OR… cover the ceiling entire with a beige drop cloth… {Has anyone ever done that before? Or seen it done? Thoughts?}
  • Paint the walls white…. or beige… anything would be better than the “mental hospital yellow and green” it currently is…
  • Quick fix: hang a curtain in front of where the furnace is, and fix up that missing wall {which you can see in the top picture. It’s missing because we had to remove it to get the washer/dryer in}
  • Move the 10 bags of insulation into the “other part of the basement” where the furnace and washer/dryer/dishwasher is… because I can only assume that this insulation will suffer the same fate as the dishwasher that I bought last December… it will sit in this basement f.o.r.e.v.e.r waiting for perfectionist dad to install it!
  • Dress up the random bed… more like a seating area
  • Get an area carpet for the middle of the room… Ikea? Or maybe a remnant from a local store…?
  • Find some furniture to “fill” the room
Wow dream big huh? lol

My main concern at this point is actually the painting… I am terrified that I am going to blow myself up with the combination of paint fumes and the furnace running… I have one small window in the basement {which is on the other side of the green wall}, but it barely opens… thoughts?

If all goes well, I plan on tackling some of this project Friday and Saturday…. fingers crossed! I will let you know how it goes 😉

What are your experiences with quick basement facelifts? Do you have any suggestions or advice on my plans?

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