Halloween… It’s {tied for} the most wonderful time of the year

I love Halloween! If I had to rank my fav holidays I think that Christmas and Halloween would tie for first… {If a tie breaker was required I think that ghoulish Halloween would probably kick glittery Christmas’s ass… for real!}

This Halloween weekend was a busy one… but only because of my desire to please everyone {yes, one of my “imperfections” hard at work}.

I did a lot

  • I carved a pumpkin with Jax and Amanda.
  • Joined the last minute rush to get all the parts for my “on-the-cheap” costume {along with every other person in KW – the traffic and line-ups were terrible!}.
  • Went to a Halloween house party as “Batgirl,” where I ate too much and played flip-cup with Jesus, Huge Hefner and several zombies.
  • Costume change from Batgirl to French Maid…
  • Then out with some single girlfriends to a local bar, where we stood in line waaay to long… in the cold {at least it wasn’t snowing}… only to get into the bar half an hour before last call {not that it mattered to me, I was DD}…
  • Then in the same night, went over to a friends house and stayed up waaay to late enjoying the last few hours of Halloween {I think I left at 5:30am!}
  • Sunday = SLEEP!

Unfortunately I only have pics on my camera that are group shots, so in efforts to give my girls a little privacy in their sexy costumes, I won’t be posting them… we don’t want no creepers around here 😉

It was a pretty good time, but next year I would like to have more definite plans {I hate running around last minute – which is likely why I ended up at three different places Saturday night!}…

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Go to a party/bar? Or did you just stay at home eating all the candy you could before the kids come to “steal” it?

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