Flashback Friday: What was I thinking?

Yes that’s me… I used to have blonde hair. As a matter of fact, I had blonde hair for close to 5 years… it sucked! The touch-ups, the dark roots… that mop of hair was totally fried all the time!

Now that I am back to my natural colour I will never, ever go back to blonde!

Come to think of it, over the past 10 years my hair has been a magnitude of shades. From that blondey-orange that you get when your mother doesn’t leave the colour on long enough… to an ugly-off-green like when you cheap out and get your mother to colour your hair from blonde to dark brown with a boxed colour {lesson learned, will never cheap out there again… horrible week!}

Have you ever coloured your hair? Have you ever had a hair disaster – cut or colour? Share!

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