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I Made It!

Woot! I am officially in Calgary, or Cow Town as the pilot called it… LOL!

The flight was very, very easy, I am not too sure why I was so nervous… I sat beside a nice young guy, let’s call him Steve (for his privacy sake), and we chatted it up almost the entire way to Calgary. Turns out he went to high school with one of my best girlfriends, and his parents just bought a house in Wellesley, where I grew up. He was Hilarious! I am almost positive that we were “those people” on the plane… you know, the people who talk the whole way and laugh… ALOT!! (ooopps!) Oh well, at least I had a good time.

Here are some pics from the flight…

The first one is flying over Manitoba, and the second is flying over the Prairies…. you can still see that they had lots of snow on the ground.

Getting off the plane in Calgary was also pretty straight forward and simple. I started to get really antsy at the baggage claim when I was literally the last person there waiting for my bag… even Steve had already grabbed his and left. Luckily it plopped down into the conveyor after another 5 minutes of waiting. Phhewww!

I then made my way to the shuttle and hoped on. It was only about a 15 minute ride to my hotel, which was nice. Before I left I made a point to let them know that I would like a fridge in my room (so that I can have some cereal and whatnot in the morning). When I check in the gentleman at the front desk said that my fridge had been delivered and everything was ready to go…

Check out this room…

Aahhh! Nice!! I cannot wait to jump into that king size bed!

But wait… did you see what’s missing from this picture?? Yes, the fridge!! Now it’s not that big of a deal as I didn’t pay extra for it, but I don’t think that I am going to mention it or anything… I really hate complaining about little things like that.

I did however make myself a nice cup of tea…

I am now just chillin in my PJ’s watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (side note: has anyone watched this show yet?? It is really shocking!!!!)

I have to get up early tomorrow to head to the event to set up, so it will be off to bed for me soon…


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