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Friends in Places: Calgary

So as I said before, I happen to have a friend who lives in Calgary; Joanna. I first met Jo in college. I think we sat together on orientation day. I was strangely drawn to her large, curly head of hair…. lol.

Over the two years we (and the rest of my group of friends, including the ex) were inseparable! We had so much fun together, and I look back on it now and think that was one of the funniest times of my life!

Once college was over, Jo moved back home (I lived in the area where the school was… so I didn’t move anywhere), and shortly there-after she moved to Calgary.

I haven’t seen her in 3.5 years.

It’s funny how when you reconnect with a good friend it’s almost like you never left… our meeting was like *ping* back to old times!

So Saturday night Jo came and picked me up at my hotel and we enjoyed a very lovely dinner at Saltlik… I had salmon, she had pasta, we both had a few to many drinks… lol 😉

After that we headed to her local hangout to meet up with some of her friends…

Without revealing to much, this pic sums up the night perfectly…


So Sunday evening rolls around, and I am due to depart in 14 hours, Jo calls and tells me to meet her outside my hotel. There she is with her dog Gus!

So we head out for a walk, because it just so happened it was warm-ish and sunny, and I was in dire, and I mean DIRE, need of ice cream. A quick McDonalds Oreo McFlurry did the trick! By the end I think I was wearing more than what actually went into my mouth… lol…

We then make our way over to the local off-leash dog park to let Gus rip it!! Let me tell you he’s a fast little guy… He was kind enough though to stand still for one second to let me take this awesome pic of him in the sunset…

{City Pug!}

The view from this park was amazing! You could see the entire downtown area, and a hint of the mountains off in the distance…

Overlooking Downtown Calgary

{Calgary, Downtown}

We then hit up a Tim Horton’s (there are only like 15 in the city, which is weird because they are EVERYWHERE back home), and chatted for a few hours.

This is where I decided… Yup… I’m going back in June!!!

I am so excited! It’s Jo’s birthday, so we are going to head up to Banff for the weekend, do some hiking, white water rafting and even hit up the hot springs! It’s going to be a great time… and I will not have to work (bonus!).

Now I will just have to get my very strict savings plan in order, and I will be on my way 😉

What are your travel plans for this summer? Vacation? Staycation? Spill!

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