My weekend starts today!

Yes you read that correctly, I am in need of some good ol’ time off!

Where am I going? My Cottage!!

I’m leaving in about 1 hour, and plan on staying until Saturday… nice and relaxing. And guess what else… that is #30 on my list… woot! I’m on a roll!

My sister, Amanda, and her family will also be joining me. Already up there are my grandparents; and my mom will be coming on Friday afternoon…

And guess what I picked up while at the grocery store??

I will give you a hint… #52

…that’s right, all the ingriedients to make smores! So I guess that will be another one off the list!

Since we are discussing the list, I got super productive today while packing for the cottage, and cleaned out some of my old clothes…

{#48: Get Rid of Old Clothes}

Two full boxes! I will take these to Amanda to see if she wants anything before I take them to the Salvation Army.

Since I did end up needing to read that book while on the flight (yes, it was my luck that I got the planes where the inseat entertainment was not working…), I will likely end up finishing it this weekend, I only have a few chapters left, then #41 can be crossed off the list!!

It’s suppose to be like 22°C (71.6°F), and sunny for the most of the weekend, so we really picked a great time to go…

Sooo I am off!! I might check in while I’m there… if I can get my Grandfather to part with his computer… lol

What are your plans this weekend? Anyone out enjoying this nice weather?

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