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101 in 1001

completing one-hundred one things in one-thousand one days

There are a ton of things that I want to accomplish in my life, and what better time than to do it now! This list will help me keep track of the most important (and lofty) goals that I have for myself.

Some of them may seem pretty far fetched, but I think that they can be done… they will be done…

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than just one year.

Start Date: Friday March 5, 2010
Finish Date: Friday, November 30, 2012

Regular = Incomplete

Bold = Completed

  1. Start a business and stick to it {GroupTalk 01/01/2012}
  2. Fall in love
  3. Exhibit at a craft show
  4. Cut back on my swearing (I currently swear like a sailor!)
  5. Buy a Canon Rebel Camera {11/30/11}
  6. Take a photography lesson
  7. Snowboard a real Mountain {02/18/2011}
  8. Get a puppy
  9. Be in a Wedding {03/26/2011}
  10. Successfully plan a big event {12/31/2010}
  11. Go on a fabulous trip {02/14/2011}{02/18/2011}
  12. Get engaged
  13. Wear sunscreen more…. i mean, all the time!
  14. Put $100 on Black in Roulette
  15. Be on TV {09/28/2010} {01/14/2011}
  16. Run a Half Marathon
  17. Run a Full Marathon
  18. Learn to surf
  19. Meet a celebrity {1/17/11}
  20. Throw myself a party {12/11/2010}
  21. Have a big sponsored giveaway on my blog {02/08/11}
  22. Take Jax to the Zoo {07/09/2011}
  23. Make Creme Brulee from scratch
  24. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise
  25. Watch a meteorite shower {07/30/2011}
  26. Cook a gourmet 5 course meal
  27. Get a motorcycle license
  28. Visit a friend in another province {03/26/2010}
  29. Learn a new sport
  30. Go to my cottage {04/01/2010} {05/14/2010: Part 1Part 2} {08/27/2010} {09/07/11}
  31. Try 10 new wines {Favourite one to date is OPEN}
  32. Sing Karaoke
  33. See a movie in a theater by myself
  34. Take a spin class
  35. Plant a garden
  36. Meet a fellow blogger in real life {11/20/2010}
  37. Learn to put myself first {08/10/10}
  38. Try an extreme sport like bungee jumping or skydiving
  39. Have a girls night filled with sappy movies and lots of junk food {08/01/10no sappy movies but there was a lot of junk food!}
  40. Get a tattoo {10/2/2010} {08/06/2011}
  41. Find time to read a book {finished Midnight which I started reading 03/26/10. Finished 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy 09/11/2012.}
  42. Paint a picture {08/27/2010}
  43. Finish my basement {12/13/2011}
  44. Pay-off my credit cards
  45. Try Yoga
  46. Write down my random thoughts, something might come of them
  47. Buy something nice for a friend for no reason
  48. Get rid of old clothes {04/01/2010}
  49. One sunny day just go for a drive to nowhere, and take a ton of pictures
  50. Clean my car, really really well! {10/14/2011}
  51. Restore and old item, giving it new life {04/26/2010}
  52. Have a campfire and make smores {04/01/2010} {05/14/2010}
  53. See a play
  54. Host a holiday dinner for my family {Christmas 2011! 12/21/11}
  55. Buy myself flowers 5 times {08/07/10}
  56. Pay it forward – Pay for the random person behind me in a drive through
  57. Plan a romantical date for someone special {08/16/2011 – J’s Birthday Dinner}
  58. Make 4 new friends
  59. Start a tradition that I can carry on into the future {10/29/11}
  60. Blog more (at least twice a week)
  61. Go Camping in a tent {08/28/11} {07/28/12}
  62. Lay on a beach all day (wearing sunscreen of course!)
  63. Swim in an ocean
  64. Witness something amazing {01/30/2011} {watching the ski instructor & random man save this little girl was pretty amazing!}
  65. Go to a concert {10/02/2010} {07/31/2011}
  66. Win an award {05/26/2011}
  67. Design something fabulous and give it away for free {lots here}
  68. Get a new cell phone {07/08/2010}
  69. Comment more on other peoples blogs {Almost everyday!}
  70. Wave & smile at a total stranger from across the room
  71. Turn my blog into a book to have a keepsake at the end of this list
  72. Burn my fav playlist to a CD and give it to my sister {instead I gave her my old iPod Touch… much better than a CD!}
  73. Get my priorities straightened out {work, life, home… check!}
  74. Get a piercing
  75. Take a beautiful photo and get it framed {11/28/12 – although I didn’t actually take the photo it took me a very long time to pick a picture I wanted to frame. I picked this one by my sister}
  76. Go on a shopping spree
  77. Go horseback riding
  78. Take a hike {10/21/10}
  79. Find the perfect dress {07/31/2012Found one by Mossimo at Target in Chicago}
  80. Wear more dresses in the summer
  81. Go barefoot more often
  82. Finish my master bedroom {03/20/2012}
  83. Spend one day on the couch doing absolutely nothing!
  84. Take a picture with a total stranger {did this while in Denver, unfortunately it wasn’t on my camera}
  85. Ride a city bus
  86. Organize my memory boxes {09/12/2010}
  87. Drop $5 in a public place – see what happens
  88. Get the flu shot every year {12/15/2010}
  89. See a doctor about the wart on my foot (random, i know!)
  90. Take my grandparents out for lunch
  91. Be more efficient while at work (less facebook, google reader, blogging, etc)
  92. Play hooky, just once {04/15/2011}
  93. Do one thing that scares the shit out of me! {01/01/2012 – quitting my job to start my own business}
  94. Reconnect with old friends
  95. Attend all the 1st birthday parties I will be invited to {07/18/10} {05/07/11}
  96. Attend all the weddings I will be invited to {only invited to 1 in September 2012}
  97. Set up a savings plan for the future {“J” planned this one out, since he is so good with money}
  98. Have a career change {Started by own business 01/01/12}
  99. Tell the people I love “I love you” more often {I tell them all the time. Jax loves to roll his eyes at me}
  100. Say “Yes!”
  101. Finish this list, as scary as it might be!

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