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Daydreaming of a finished bathroom…

The main bathroom has been a slow and painful process. To date, all it has in it is a working shower (which wasn’t even the case until last week)!

Thank goodness I have the powderoom (which btw just got the new toilet installed so I can do the final reveal on that soon!!)

I hope to get a lot done this weekend since my dad will be here to help… or pretty much do…

…you see, he won’t actually let me help when he is here, he like to create the illusion that I am helping, like telling me to vacuum the floor, or to wipe down this wall, or tape this and that… but when it comes down to me asking to actually DO something, like grout the floor, he tells me he will do it…

…perfectionist dad at his best…

Unfortunately this is what has been the MAJOR part of the delay in actually getting the bathroom finished… I am not allowed to do anything cus I might muck something up… but hey, I’m the one who has to look at it everyday… call me crazy!

So he will be here the entire weekend, and hopefully we can crank this baby out, because it has been a long time coming!

In the meantime…. I’m just going to gaze into these gorgeous bathroom pictures and fantasize that they are my own…


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