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5 Items You Need for a Beautiful Fall Tablescape

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited about this being the first day of Fall. Fall is by far my favourite time of year. There is something so comforting about cozying up in a big oversized scarf, steaming hot apple cider in hand, and taking a long walk in the crunchy leaves and crisp air. Or strolling down mainstreet of your childhood hometown, during the biggest festival of the year, stuffing your face full of apple fritters. And while visits to the pumpkin patch and the return of chunky knit sweaters top my list of favourite things, nothing can compare to the thrill I get when decorating my table for Fall. The linens, greenery, and pumpkins… oh my!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

For some, the idea of putting together a Fall tablescape may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated; anyone can put together an effortlessly stylish table with just a few items! So if you are hosting an informal brunch or full-fledged Thanksgiving dinner your table will be ready and set to go!

Layering is key when decorating a table. Think of your table as a blank canvas and begin by layering in these five items. You can go minimalist – choosing just a few of each – or really max out the design by filling every last nook and cranny. Stick with these five items and you’ll have a beautiful table in no time!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

1. Linens

Linens are the first layer to consider when decorating a Fall tablescape. Do you have a beautiful table that you want to show off? Try a table runner. Have a table that has seen better days? Maybe cover that eyesore up with a tablecloth. When choosing this “base layer” I always suggest the “less is more” approach, meaning opting for a fabric that is simple and neutral in colour, then you can take it up a notch by introducing some colourful or patterned placemats or cloth napkins. I love buffalo check for Fall, and opted for simple black + white check for my table, but they come in an array of colours from red to pumpkin orange!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

2. Greenery or Florals

Once you’ve set the stage with linens, it’s time to create a focal point using greenery, florals, or other natural items. You can either run these items down the center of your table or if space is tight, build up a centerpiece. A faux eucalyptus garland, clippings of italian ruscus, salal lemon leaf and cotinus smoke bush, or even fresh herbs like rosemary, sage and tarragon can make up the most stunning display. If bright and lively is your thing, create a centerpiece by filling a vase or shallow urn with sunflowers, carnations, lilies, mums and antique hydrangeas, or simply place a stem or two of each into short stubby vases that run the length of the table. Remember, guests will be seated, so as you build your arrangements do a visual check that everyone will still be able to see each other from across the table!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

3. Pumpkins

Obviously pumpkins should make an appearance! Nestle them into your greenery and florals, adding another layer to the mix, or use them with function in mind; creating a simple DIY place holder! Today’s pumpkin farmers are not only growing the traditional orange pumpkins, but they are now experimenting with heirloom varieties in the most beautiful array of colours. From pink and soft blue to golden yellow and dark green, it’s worth a trip to your local pumpkin patch to see what’s growing! If you’re not into the real deal you can always fake it with faux pumpkins. A few coats of chalk paint and you’ll never know what’s real and what’s fake!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

5. Candles

Nothing sets the mood around a table faster than candles. I like to use chunky pillar candles at various heights to add visual interest, but elegant tapered candles in patinaed copper or brass holders are just as stunning! Tuck them in amongst your greenery and pumpkins, making sure the flame doesn’t come into contact with anything that might be hanging above or nearby! If there are lots of kiddos at your table, opt for some battery powered pillar candles. One last thing to consider… the scent. I always suggest using plain jane candles that have no scent so they don’t interfere with your ability to taste and enjoy the food you are eating!

Fall Tablescape Decor for a Modern Farmhouse

5. Serveware

And let’s not forget about chargers, plates, flatwear, and glasses. It’s always easiest to use what you have on hand, so whether that’s your everyday set or the special set that was passed down from your great grandmother, make use of what you already have in your cupboard.

Get Inspired!

If you are looking for more inspiration and unique ideas on how to decorate your table this Fall, check out these posts from three of my favourite bloggers! And there are even more ideas on my “Fall Tablescape Inspiration” board on Pinterest!

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Happy Fall Decorating!

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