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Emily’s Favourite Books to Read During Quarantine

Here we are… 100 days in quarantine. I honestly cannot believe I am typing those words… 100 days. It feels like a lifetime and a blink-of-an-eye all in the same breath. Time has both stood still and flew by. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy being home with Emily and working full time. It has not been easy. But I will say, it has gotten much easier since we found our routine.

If I had to pick one single saving grace during this challenging time, it would be books. If there is one thing Emily enjoys most, it’s reading books. She could be mid-meltdown and all you have to say is “Emily? Do you want to read a book?” Meltdown averted.

Even before Emily was born I knew I wanted her to enjoy books. In fact, before this whole pandemic occurred I always opted for books over TV and had a pretty strict “screen time” rule in place (which has now obviously gone out the window… sometimes you need to put on Little Baby Bum to fit in that last 20 minutes of work!).

She received soooo many books as gifts at her baby shower and 1st birthday; it really helped grow a collection that is personal and comes from a place of love. The majority of her books have sweet little messages in them from friends and family, and I really like pointing them out to her. Someday she’ll be able to read them and I hope she knows how deeply everyone loves her. ❤

So, 100 days into quarantine, I have a pretty good idea of what her favourite books are! While she has quite the book collection, there are 12 books that she always wants to read over and over… and over again!

Welcome, Baby by Barbara Reid // This was one of the very first books I started reading to Emily after she was born. Personally, I really enjoy the rhyming and cadence, while Emily loves pointing out all the tiny details in the photos… which are, interestingly enough, all made from plasticine!

Unicorns are Real by Holly Hattam // This cute and funny book is all about bringing unicorns to life by describing what they like, the way they live and how they poop tiny puffs of cotton candy (if you’ve met a unicorn you know that last one is a fact).

In My Heart by Jo Witek // Now that Emily is talking up a storm and starting to understand and respond to what we tell her, I found this book really helpful in describing lots of feelings that you feel “in your heart.” The simple illustrations are so cute and the book has a great message.

Home Sweet Home by Stephan Lomp // This book is excellent if your toddler has entered the “point + that” stage! Emily just loves point at ev.ery.thing. and ask “that?” This book explores everything that is in a house, from living room and bathroom to kitchen and bedroom. The cute little dog and cat on every page are also fun to find.

Dream Big Little One by Vashti Harrison // This book is so powerful and important as it showcases strong Black women who have gone on to change the world. Heroes, role models, and everyday women grace the pages of this book and are brought to life with the most adorable illustrations.

Hello Farm by Maddie Frost // This book was one of the first books we used to teach Emily all the farm animals. She can now identify all of them and make all their sounds. There’s lots to see in the book and we often ask her to “find” lots of different things on the pages like “barn, sun, boots, tractor.”

Canadian ABCs by Paul Covello // This is not only a great book for ABC’s but learning about all the uniquely Canadian things. The pages are beautfully illustrated in full colour.

Yoga Bear by Sarah Jane Hinder // While she might not know exactly what yoga is (aside from watching me do it occasionally) this book turns the most common yoga poses into animals.

Where Are The Bears // This book’s flaps are really hanging on for dear life at this point!! This counting book helps little ones count to five while adding bears that can be found under each flap. It’s a quick read that I know holds her attention and keeps her entertained.

That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watt // This was the book that really started her obsession for horses and unicorns. It’s basic, simple and has a hands-on, touchy-feely aspect.

Time For Bed by Mem Fox // While the illustrations in this book are beautiful, they are a bit abstract in the sense that some of the animals are hard to make out. Other than that, this rhyming book is all about getting those stubborn little ones to sleep!

You’re My Little Star by Danielle Mclean // This one is special to me because it’s the very first book I bought for her. I love that it’s one of her favourites. She will point out every star, on every page, and exclaim “staaarrr.”

This list would not be complete without mentioning Love You Forever. The truth is, Emily frequently pulls this one off the shelf and brings it to me, however, I have yet to make it through the first half of the book without sobbing uncontrollably. Someday I’m sure it will make it into this top 12… once I can finally read it to her!

What books are you reading over and over again?

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