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A Girls Night In with Gunn’s Hill Wine Soaked Cheese

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dairy Farmers of Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

A night in. It’s like music to my ears!

Sure, there used to be a time when I would love nothing more than hitting up a dance floor or sitting on a patio on a warm summer night with all my best girlfriends, but these days, as real life takes over, a night in is just as good…. if not better.

A typical girls night in with my friends usually means one thing: food. And believe me, there is never a lack of it when we get together! From wine and cocktails to smoked meats and sweet treats, there is never an empty plate in the house!

Whenever it’s my turn to host I pull out all the stops…. so, for this weekend’s girls night in I’ll be serving one of the best cheeses the world has to offer; a Canadian produced Oxford Harvest Cheese called “Tipsy” from Gunn’s Hill artisan cheese. Yes, that’s right, this delicious, high-quality, artisanal cheese is produced right here in Canada!

“Tipsy” cheese is Gunn’s Hill’s handcrafted washed rind cow’s milk cheese modeled after a little known Swiss cheese called Mutchli. “Tipsy” is soaked in a flavourful Palatine Hills Cabernet Merlot for several days allowing its rind to absorb all the rich flavours, making it a favourite for wine lovers… which is exactly why it made it onto my table for girls night!! After soaking, it is aged on cedar wood planks, adding robust flavours to the cheese. “Tipsy” is an excellent cheese to serve on its own, pairing well with light white wines and lager beers!

Lucky for me, I live a quick drive away from Oxford County, Ontario, which just happens to be the Dairy Capital of Canada and home to Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese. All the cheeses produced at Gunn’s Hill are unique, although you can taste the Swiss influence as Shep Ysselstein (Gunn’s Hill owner) learned several cheese making techniques while in Handeck in the Swiss Alpes. Today, Gunn’s Hill employs two full-time cheese makers and a team of staff who work diligently to produce Canada’s finest award-winning cheeses using milk from Friesvale Farms.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend a few hours catching up with my friends, playing board games, and stuffing our faces with delicious food! Definitely music to my ears!

What are some of your favourite ways to relax with friends?

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