Easy As Pie… Mini Apple Pies

If you haven’t noticed, I kind-of have a thing for apple baked goods (see fritters here, here and here, apple blossoms here, apple bread pudding here, and apple stuffed french toast here.) When the craving for an apple pie hits, it takes all my willpower to resist driving to the store, picking up a pre-made apple pie, warming it in the oven, and devouring the entire thing… with whipped cream!

Ontario Apples

That said, an apple pie craving is nothing to be ignored. Last night, when my craving hit, I turned to my secret weapon… frozen mini pie crusts. These 3 inch wonders have saved me from myself too many times to count. Simply thaw, fill, and bake.

Mini Apple Pies
Mini Apple Pies
Mini Apple Pies
Baked Mini Apple Pies

Now the hard part is telling yourself you’re only going to eat one mini pie…

Looking for apple pie recipes?

What is your favourite baked apple treat?

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