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My Top 7: Bermuda Edition

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Lounging on the Beach at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Have you ever taken a vacation and not realized how much you needed it until it was over? Well, that was me on my most recent vacation to Bermuda. The sunshine warmed my skin, the slow pace eased my worries, and the relaxation cleansed my soul. It was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life.

This was my first time vacationing in Bermuda, and it proved to be one of the most enjoyable adventures I’ve had in a long time! The views, the food, and the beautiful accommodations were just a few of my favourite things about traveling to Bermuda.

Here my Top 7 Highlights from my recent vacation in beautiful Bermuda!

1. Fairmont Southampton // For me, when I hear the name “Fairmont” I know it’s going to be a hotel that delivers! This stunning pink hotel sits atop a winding hill in the small southern town of Southampton! I couldn’t help but marvel at the immaculate decor, numerous restaurants, our spacious room with sweeping views of the ocean, and the breathtaking beach! The staff were extremely kind and incredibly helpful, often going out of their way to ensure we had what we needed (like directions and bus tokens)! And despite the outdoor pool area being closed for regular maintenance (I guess this happens every November, although it was not indicated on their website) we were able to use the spa’s indoor heated pool, sundeck, and outdoor jacuzzis at no additional charge! The Fairmont Southampton was exactly where I wanted to relax and unwind for 5 days!

2. Food & Beer // If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog then you know food & drink is kinda my thing… so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bermuda had a solid food scene! We dined at almost all of the Fairmont Southampton’s restaurants during our stay (the Jasmine Lounge was our favourite) and ventured outside the hotel to The Pickled Onion, Frog & Onion, Swizzle Inn, Rum Bum Beach Bar, and the Devil’s Isle Cafe. The island also has one local micro-brewery, Dockyard Brewing Co., that operates out of the Royal Naval Dockyard brewing five different kinds of beer! And while the beer was good, our favourite drink by far was Goslings Dark & Stormy (Bermuda’s national cocktail)!

3. Incredible Beaches // Quite honestly, the beaches in Bermuda are breathtaking! The way the crystal clear turquoise waters meet the light pink sandy beach… truly the picture of paradise! There are hundreds of beaches to visit on the island, but “J” and I spent most of our time at the Fairmont Hotel’s beach and the neighboring beach, Horseshoe Bay (which is one of Bermuda’s most famous beaches).

4. Activities // While the island might be small, there is no lack of activities and tours you can partake in! “J” and I actually had a hard time narrowing it down! Since we only had four days to fill we decided to stick to seeing the sites and attractions that Bermuda is known for… I mean, we can see an aquarium or mini golf course anywhere, right? After speaking to the concierge at our hotel we discovered the Bermuda tourism bureau was offering two free tours: a walking tour of the Royal Naval Dockyards and a Somerset Boat Tour to the Shipwrecked HMS Vixen. Both were well worth the time! We learned all about the island’s history, architecture, and landscape all while taking in beautiful views of the coastal homes, historic buildings, and marine life! If you’re in Bermuda between now and March 31st I highly recommend this tour!

5. Crystal and Fantasy Caves // Did you know Bermuda has hundreds of caves hidden below its lush and tropical landscape? The island’s most famous cave system, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, was actually discovered in 1907 by two preteen boys who lost their cricket ball down a hole…. turns out it wasn’t your average hole! The Crystal and Fantasy Caves Tour takes you 200 feet underground into a world of magnificent stalagmites & stalactites formations and crystal clear pools of water! It’s definitely an incredible sight!

6. Getting Around! // One of the most enjoyable things about Bermuda is its size; you can easily get from one end of the island to the other in about 1 hour. Renting a car isn’t an option for tourists, however “J” and I found the public bus system to be very reliable and useful! If you are looking for something a little faster zippy little scooters are an option, however, they aren’t for the faint at heart… the locals whip around on them like they are invincible, so use caution. Taxis are also available, but boy are they expensive!!! Lastly, if you’re adventurous and up for a challenge mountain bikes are a fun (and active) way to see the island. Taking a ride along the old Bermuda Railway Trail is quite the experience, but be prepared to put in the work, there are several motorized vehicle barriers meaning you have to physically lift your bike over them!

7. A Sense of Safety // I’ve never been to an island where I have felt as safe as I did in Bermuda. You could leave the hotel, take a hike, ride the bus, all while feeling incredibly safe. At no point did “J” or I feel we should abort our plans or head in another direction because the situation felt shady. Not only that, it’s a safe choice for those who are worried about zika. Believe it or not, Bermuda is one of the only vacation spots left that is truly zika-free; a big selling feature for those who have health complications or those who are looking to start a family!

Have you visited Bermuda? What was your favourite thing about the island? 

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