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Halloween Week: Dirt & Worm Parfaits

Dirt Worm Parfait Halloween

Want to serve a quick and easy dessert that will totally creep out your guests? What? Did I hear you screaming “YES! Show me the dirt. Show me the worms!”

Ok, you got it…  Dirt & Worm Parfaits…

Dirt Parfait Halloween

Dirt & Worm Parfaits

Instant Pudding (prepared as per package directions)
Whipped Cream
Orange Food Colouring
Gummy Worms
Oreo crumbs

1. Prepare pudding as per package directions.
2. Add food colouring to whipped cream and mix until blended. Add a little for a subtle orange or a lot for a shockingly bright orange.
3. Cover bottom of parfait glass (or bowl) with oreo crumbs, they layer pudding, whipped cream, pudding.
4. Top it off with more oreo crumbs and as many gummy worms as your heart desires.
5. Don’t forget to add my very versatile Free Printable Halloween Labels, which could also be used for cupcakes 😉

What was the “grossest looking” treat you have eaten at a Halloween Party?

Last year, I had the most disgusting looking eyeball… I almost didn’t want to put it in my mouth… turned out it was just a cake ball,and it was pretty darn good!

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