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Essentials for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts with Minted

One of my earliest memories of wrapping gifts was with my dad and sisters. Every Christmas Eve we would arrive at my dad’s house where we were greeted by a large pile of unwrapped presents. Our job was to play the roll of “Santa’s Elves” and help my dad wrap all the presents. This quickly became a tradition, and year-after-year we would find ourselves wrapping gifts until the wee hours of the morning.

Essentials for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts with Minted

It was during those formative years that I developed my wrapping style. Corners were always perfectly folded. Ends were meticulously tucked. Minimal tape was used. And finishing touches included bows, ribbons, greenery, and hand written tags. Although I still consider all of these items essential for perfectly wrapped gifts, today I add one more item to the list; gorgeous, well designed, personalized wrapping paper.

Where can you find such a wonderful thing you ask? Minted, of course! Not only is Minted your one-stop-shop for holiday cardsdecor, and tags; they recently launched their brand new line of personalized wrapping paper. So when Minted asked me if I would like to try out their new wrapping paper I jumped at the chance!

Essentials for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts with Minted

After pick three designs from the many talented designers on Minted.com, I was asked if I wanted to personalize one of them. The process of personalization is very easy (just make sure to triple-check the spelling of all names!), and is done directly on the site. Within 15 minutes I had my custom wrapping paper selected, personalized, and paid for! The hardest part was waiting for it to arrive!

Essentials for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts with Minted

One thing I particularly love about this wrapping paper is the quality. This is not your typical wrapping paper that you could easily poke a finger through. This is thick, luxurious, beautifully printed paper. Now I need to get my act together and buy some presents to wrap!

Essentials for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts with Minted

Gift Wrapping Essentials & Tips

Measure, Measure, Measure // There is nothing worse than realizing you didn’t cut enough wrapping paper to fully cover your gift. Measure, and if in doubt, cut more!

Quality Tape // Invest in some quality tape (like Scotch Gift Wrap Tape). You’ll save time by not fighting with the inferior tape cutter, which are notoriously bad on dollar store tape dispensers. Trust me.

Add Some Bling // Sure Minted’s personalized wrapping paper looks great on it’s own, but why not add some baker’s twine, greenery, custom tags, or even some glitter tape? I got the goodies above from The Penny Paper Co.

Box It Up // Have a gift that is oddly shaped? Put it inside another box to make for easy and uniform wrapping. Your tree will look streamlined and less cluttered.

What are some of your gift wrapping essentials?

Disclaimer: Minted provided me with a corporate sample of their personalized wrapping paper to feature. I was not compensated in any other way for writing this post. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

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