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Lately “J” has been on a real kick about going natural… like eating organic food, using natural cleaning products and even switching deodorant to a natural brand. I’m willing to slowly start making the switch when it comes to body care products and cosmetics, because let’s face it, chemical ingredients you cannot pronounce are probably not good for your body.

We have already started trying out a few new products… Badger Balm Sunscreen, Live Clean Shampoo & Conditioner, and Dessert Essence Toothpaste. Also, back in July, “J” and I made our own bodywash and laundry detergent. “J” has been using the bodywash on a regular basis, whereas I have been using Consonant Organic Body Soap instead of the fragrance filled body washes I was previously using. I am feeling really good about these choices, and willing to take it further.

That said, I feel like I am going to have a very hard time. I’ve become accustom to certain products and their results… like make-up – it took me forever to find a mascara that I love…. I can’t even imagine the disaster it’s going to be to find a deodorant that works for me…

But I have done a lot of research, asked for your opinions, and even received a very kind tweet from John & Sherry at Young House Love regarding their experience going natural. Above products are some that I am willing to give a try in the coming months. Hopefully this process is not too painful!

Have you made the switch to natural products? What ones do you find work best?

For more information see David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen list. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Finding products (especially cosmetics) has proven to be the hardest part. I'd say 80% of my cosmetics right now are "natural," but there are some I just couldn't give up (like mascara) because the natural versions just don't compare. But when you have an allergy to MIT I can see how a search for natural cosmetics is vital (and can be particularly maddening!)

  2. I know, I could not find anything in the stores but my friend (who is make-up artist) recommended me natural cosmetics from Beautiful Movements: mascara, foundation and eye shadows has arrived today. I'm very happy, wearing eye shadows for the first time from October last year… and no burning (!)