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I Could Live Here: In the Master

The master bedroom. I’ve been thinking a lot about my (unfinished) master bedroom since Ikea started mocking me with their “the door should remain open” bedroom commercials. Of course this instigated an inspiration hunt. I must have looked through hundreds of inspirational photos on Pinterest until I finally came across the portfolio of Tracey Hickman, in which I discovered this dreamy master bedroom…

Not only do I love the master bedroom, but the rest of the house is as equally as stunning. I can’t say enough about the neutral tones contrasted by the dark black-browns, natural woods, and stone. Even some rustic-chic pieces make an appearance… (and we all know my love for reclaimed, rustic items as of lately!)

After seeing this gorgeous house, my master bedroom & ensuite is definitely in for an overhaul in the coming months…

via Hickman Design Associates

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