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My Day at TweetStock High + 10 Tips for Bloggers & Businesses

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend TweetStock, an event designed to educate businesses about social media and teach them how to grow their brand. I was actually very surprised by the turn out, as well as the social skill levels of all the attendees (which ranged from beginner to expert). To hold a conference and appeal to the many varying levels of skill and expertise is quite the accomplishment!

My schedule for the day was a full one – an opening assembly with Un-Principal Scott Stratten, followed by sessions on Voice of a Brand, How Social Media and Numbers Lie, Social SEO, and Social Media Strategy.

Of course we had lunch in the TweetStock High Cafeteria where I was joined by two cool kids (Shannon of PTPPodcast and TJ of Dear Photograph)… and yes, we ate our lunches out of brown paper bags! Nice touch by the catering!

I found a lot of the speakers’ content, remarks and observations could not only be applied to businesses but bloggers as well. Your blog, your twitter account, your facebook page – it’s all a part of your “blogger brand” so why not treat it the same way a business would? It’s all about engaging with your followers, building a trusting relationship, and creating content/stories that will keep them coming back. Out of the days worth of wonderful comments I as able to pull 10 that I believe would benefit businesses and bloggers alike.

10 Tips for Bloggers & Businesses:

  1. Do great things and you will be talked about in social media. ~ @unmarketing
  2. Passion + Knowledge = Awesome ~ @unmarketing
  3. You can’t automate awesome! It’s the people that make it awesome! ~ @unmarketing
  4. Social media fixes nothing, it just amplifies. ~ @unmarketing
  5. Twitter is not dictation, it’s conversation. ~ @unmarketing
  6. Branding is what you do… it’s your actions. Social influence is your brand, it’s always changing. ~ @unmarketing
  7. Content is free. Context is where the value is! ~ @RLavigne42
  8. Anything you say about your business is a claim. Anything someone else says about you is a fact. Get testimonials. ~ @johnmorgan
  9. The future of business is marketing WITH people… not AT them. ~ @johnmorgan
  10. Make a list of all the things your competitors don’t do, and go do them! ~ @johnmorgan

I was also pretty happy to snag a copy of Scott Stratten’s new book “The Book of Business Awesome“… and  I can’t wait to start reading it! (pssst! If you hurry over to amazon.com you can snag a copy for only $3.98!).

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