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IDS11: Sibling Revelry – Glenn & David Dixon

Glenn and David Dixon

“We had students from the Fashion Program at Ryerson fold the 1000 paper cranes…”

Seriously! Imagine having that job!

I honestly think that Glenn & David’s vision of a Master Bedroom was my favourite space in the whole Sibling Revelry exhibit… which was strange because I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson and thought that for sure she would be a winner in my mind!

Glenn and David Dixon
Glenn and David Dixon
Glenn and David Dixon

The room tells a story of “Sadako and the 100 Paper Cranes.”

Sadako Sasaki lived in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing and developed lukemia from the radition.

Following a Japenese fable she aspired to create 1000 paper cranes, as those who completed the task were granted one wish. Her wish was to live.

While in the nursing home she managed to fold 644 before she passed away. Her friends and family helped finish her dream by folding the rest of the cranes that were then buried with her.

The Dixon Brother’s goal with this space was to develop a master bedroom of 1000 cranes that allows an indivual to find solace and enjoy a time of reflection, to dream, pray, and most importatnly, wish… I think that they succeeded!

I just loved the paneling on the walls, and the soft, subtle colour palette of black, white and grey.

….. aaannnd of course we took the opportunity to get a pic with the bros….

Glenn and David Dixon

What do you think of the Glenn & David’s vision?

P.S. Excuse the weird lighting that is happening on my forehead… I swear I’m not balding!! LMAO!

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