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My Top 7

1. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen a few weeks ago I finished another painting… well mostly finished. I still have to paint the sides, or frame it as Christine suggested. I find it nice & calming for the bedroom…

2. Geek Alert! I just received news that the Scott Stratten from Unmarketing is going to be speaking at our mushroom conference next summer… and then to top it off, he tweeted me a smiley face!

3. I’m looking forward to the day I can take my Fall boots out of the closet… and the day I can get a hair cut.

4. I may be a little too excited at the fact that my new (natural) deodorant appears to be working.

5. Tomorrow I am waking up bright & early to head to Kennett Square in Pennsylvania for the 27th Annual Mushroom Festival. Sounds exciting huh? You know what doesn’t sound exciting? Bright & early… like 2:30am bright & early… yeah. And I haven’t started to pack …

6. I took a chance and bought these curtains (for the new house) that were on sale at Zellers. I won’t find out for another month if they will be long enough (because I never measure anything!)… but for $17.00 each I couldn’t pass them up.

7. Can Fall TV just start already!? Seriously, I have waited far too long to see what happens on Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy… Far. Too. Long!

What are you up to this weekend?

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