Weekend Buys: Things I Need vs Things I Don’t Need

Things I Need // Finally having a weekend to myself, I was able to get out Saturday morning to pick up some badly needed items, like a new wallet and some unmentionables… I found this wallet at Winner’s… and for only $16.00, we can say that the price was right…

Things I Don’t Need // Nikki and I also took a quick trip to Vincenzo’s, which is more-or-less a specialty grocery store… they have the best pastry counter you will ever see… Of course I couldn’t pass up the cannoli’s, macaroons, or oreo cakepops.

Things I Need // I may have mentioned before, my basement get’s pretty damp in the summer. Like the walls sweat, damp. PD let me borrow his dehumidifier last Summer, but of course it kicked the bucket this past Fall… and no wonder, the thing was older than me! So “J” and I picked up this bad boy, on sale at Canadian Tire…

Things I Don’t Need // I would have preferred not to spend half my Sunday morning pulling together all my paperwork to get my taxes done… and then dropping $110 on the accountant… pfff taxes!

How was your weekend? Did you get into any need vs. don’t need trouble?

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