My Top 7

1. House stuff. Things are starting to come along… furniture filling the guest room… the glass panel door PD gave me for Christmas for my office… and my new feather duvet set. Still working on getting my office put together… filing, organizing, etc… but I think a trip to IKEA next wednesday will solve a lot.

2. I am fighting off a cold right now! I am borderline sick… I can feel it coming… it hasn’t full out hit me yet… but I am pumping myself full of vitamins, ColdFX and green tea.

3. The new TV… she’s up… she’s running… she’s 1080p HD!! I’m in love!

4. I’m looking forward to a very busy month. Next weekend I will be away at the London Wine & Food Show {I’m cooking on stage again!}, I travel to Chicago again mid-January for another meeting {but that one’s not finalized yet}, and then we have Blogpodium and the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-up… what a fun month!

5. Christmas decorations are coming down this weekend, you know what that means… glitter, glitter everywhere… again!

6. My business has officially launched! {insert freak-out here}. I knew at some point in my life I would like to work for myself, but I had no idea it would be this soon. A series of opportunities unfolded in front of me during December that I couldn’t turn down… including that business trip to Chicago.

I know I’ve never divulged much work related information here, because quite frankly, nobody really wants their online blogger life all mixed up with their personal corporate life, right? But I guess this would be the perfect opportunity to get it all out there, especially because I am specializing is Social Media & Marketing Communications. If you are interested, you can check out my business website & blog, and follow me on twitter.

7. Slipperssss… I think I am going to need new ones very soon. This past week I have spent all day in my home office in, you guessed it, slippers!

Well kids, I hope you had a wonderful week, and have something spectacular planned for the weekend 🙂

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