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My Top 7

1. Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Munchkin! // They grow up so fast don’t they! My little niece Ava turned one yesterday! Happy birthday little lady! Can’t wait to celebrate with the entire family tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to my Niece

2. Puppy Love // “J” decided it would be a great idea to go look at some puppies last Sunday… sure enough, we came home with this cute-as-a-button little one. Her name is Maddy, and boy is she going to keep me busy!

German Sherpherd Puppy Crosshill Kennels

3. Vegas Baby! // Sure, as fun as being in Vegas sounds, I was actually there for work. My colleague Katie and I worked hard, but when we had a spare second of free time we spent it wisely. If you’re ever in Vegas I highly suggest going to see a Cirque du Soleil show! Amazing!


4. Panasonic Mircrowave Giveaway // If you haven’t heard, I am giving away an awesome Panasonic microwave! All you have to do is show me your dream kitchen and you could win! Contest closes this Sunday, so get on it!

Panasonic Kitchen Style

5. Everyone Loves this Lasagna for Valentine’s Day // … and I don’t know why they wouldn’t! It’s meatless, it’s easy to make, and it tastes great! Thanks Food Bloggers of Canada, Mushrooms Canada, and Mushroom Council for the feature!

Valentine's Dinner Lasagna

6. Stuff I Found While Looking Around // I am in fits of laughter over this. Loving this. Reading this. Listening to this. Totally wish I could rock this. And drooooling over this.

7. Get Social! // I recently launched my brand newGet Social” newsletter this past January and have seen some great success (thanks to all of you who signed up and have asked questions!) If you want to receive exclusive social media tips, information, and how-tos, make sure you sign up! All of content in the newsletter won’t be published online so you have to sign up to get it… and best of all it’s free!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and a spectacular long weekend!

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