Garden Decor: Paper Lanterns

I have a very large wish list when it comes to this summer… One of the things that I desperately need is patio furniture.

I have a lovely little courtyard off the side of my kitchen, and last summer is sat bare… I really don’t want that to be the case this year… I mean, it’s the perfect space for entertaining… it’s a decent size… and it’s pretty private… It would really be a shame not to at least attempt to use it, right?

Pink-Grey-White-Paper-Lanterns Paper-Lanterns-Backyard-Party Paper-Lanterns-Party-Patio Paper-Lanterns-Backyard-Patio White-Paper-Lanterns

Last year I had mentioned perhaps getting some old skids and making my own furniture, but I think at this point that is a pretty big dream… I am lazy!

But when I stumbled upon this oh-so lovely picture on Apartment Therapy my laziness started to subside… I could feel inspiration creeping up through my body…. I want to, no I need to, get some type of patio furniture so I can do this….

Yes, paper lanterns. I love them. They are simple & pretty. Fairly inexpensive. And très romantique!

I would love to have a unique & intimate outdoor space…

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Anyone have lanterns in their backyard? If so, share a pic please!

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