Getting Ready for the BIG Day | Valentine’s Day DIY

Ummmm… When the hell did it get to be February 1st??

Apparently I haven’t really been paying attention…. Oh look! Shiny things!….

No, but really, how is January over? Don’t get me wrong I am not upset or anything…. it actually brings me closer to my departure on February 14th… and I am pretty happy about that!

But you know what else it means… Valentine’s Day….

I am not to sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day…. I don’t hate it, but I am not sure how much I like it either…. and it’s not the fact that I am alone, because even when I was with “ex” he never bought me anything for v-day… everI guess everything just seems so forced… I mean, shouldn’t you do little nice things for each other on a regular basis? not just on one day?

But then the hopeless romantic in me says, “I want to be whisked away on a romantic getaway, eat a delicious meal, followed by a sunset walk on the beach, receive a big bouquet of flowers, and gorge for hours on a 1 ton box of fine chocolates!”

Too much?

Maybe I’m just deprived…

Well in honour of this little love day I whipped up something special….

Mini Valentine’s Day DIY Cards | Download them at Pink Peacock Paperie

Just print, cut, and give! They would also make cute gift tags… or in my case a bookmark…

Enjoy loves!

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What is your favourite Valentine’s Day memory? Got something gushy? I wanna hear it, I’m going through romance withdrawal!

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