2011 Will be the Year of…

Winging It!

Yes, that’s it, that’s all for my New Year’s resolutions… just wing it!

I am a very routine, habitual, boring, list making person… I admit it! When it comes to being spontaneous, I downright suck!

Not this year.

I have no plans or expectations for this year. {As a matter of fact, I didn’t even make a list of resolutions because that would involve planning, so what you see here is all I’ve got!}

Essentially I just want to live life as it comes. Whatever happens, happens.

This will probably be the hardest thing to do, since I hate breaking my routine, but I’m boring… I do the same damn thing everyday….

wake up
get ready
drive to Tim Horton’s
drive to work
drive to the gym
drive home
make my dinner
eat alone
work some more
watch tv
more tv while eating
And then do it all over again.

But you know what is worse than the fact that I have this sick routine? The amount of people I interact with on a daily basis… FIVE! Only five people!! I can name them all on one friggin hand!

Tim Horton’s Employee
Sister #2 {we work at the same office building}
Secretary 1 & 2
My Boss

Unless it’s a Thursday, then I see Sister #1 and Jax…

Good gawd! And to think that for the past year, all through 2010, I had this same routine…

I am honestly getting sick of it… it’s time for change… it’s time to let go… it’s time to wing it!

Hello 2011! Give me your best shot!

Are you a routine person? Do you get sick of it or is it comfortable for you? Any suggestions for me?

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